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The Pūpū Hinuhinu collection is inspired by the beautiful shells that dot Hawaiʻi's beaches and ocean floor. 

The hebrew cone is one of the varieties of pūpū pōniuniu, or "dizzy shell"*. They were likely given this name because many live cone shells, like the hebrew cone, are actually venomous. Be very careful when handling these shells & you should never take a live snail!

The miter shell, or ʻahaʻaha is one of the most beautiful and rare shells to find, and its sunset orange hues are very distinctive. 

The wanawana or wana is known for its sharp spines and spikes (and it's ʻono meat). But once the spines are removed, the pūpū has beautiful patterns and colors and is very fragile. 

The marble cone is another variety of pūpū pōniuniu, or "dizzy shell"*. They were likely given this name because many live cone shells, like the marble cone, are actually venomous. Be very careful when handling these shells & you should never take a live snail!

The cowry shell, commonly known as leho, comes in many varieties like kuoho, kupa, ʻōlūpalaha, pāuhu (pōuhu), pūleho, pūleholeho, hōlei, pūleho kaniʻo, pūleho ʻula, pūleho palaoa, pūpū, leholeho & ʻuala. It is a shell loved by heʻe and used as a lure for them. The kuoho is a large cowry, likely the Cypraea reticulata.* 

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Color may slightly vary from photos.